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Elite School of Optometry

Ongoing Projects at Srimathi Sundari Subramanian Department of Visual Psychophysics:

01. Dr R Krishna Kumar, Kalpa, Biman Das, Deepmala: Construction and validation of log MAR charts using Bengali, Assamese and Kannada letters

02. Dr. R Krishna Kumar, K Venkatramana: Characterization and Correction of foveal and parafoveal aberrations in human subjects with adaptive optics

03. Jameel Rizwana H, Kalpa N: Efficacy of action videogame training as a treatment for adult amblyopes

04. Dr R Krishnakumar, Viswanathan S, Ramya S, Leelaa Priaya NP: Blur detection threshold and adaptation in Spectacle wearers

Ongoing PhD Works:

01. Viswanathan S, Dr Sheila Rae, Dr Krishnakumar: Near Induced Transient myopia (NITM) in Emmetropes, Myopes and Pseudomyopes

02. Jameel Rizwana H, Dr R Krishnakumar: Prevalence of Binocular Vision anomalies among school children in rural and urban Tamilnadu

03. Rashima A, Dr Ronnie George: Effect of Ultraviolet radiation on eye

04. Anuradha N, Dr R Krishnakumar: Innovative approaches in improving spectacle compliance and referral compliance in school vision screening

05. Kalpa N, Dr RR Sudhir, Dr R Krishnakumar: Visual demands in school children

Ongoing M Phil works:

01. Mr Dinesh V, Dr Krishnakumar, Ms Sailaja: Identifying barriers and developing strategies to reduce barriers in seeking low vision care services in atertiary eye care hospital

02. Ms Indhushree R, Dr Krishnakumar, Dr PP Santanam: Visual functions of workers exposed to organic solvents in petrochemical industry

03. Ms Sheeba S, Dr Rajeswari: Ocular responses in daily wear hydrogel users and Neophytes fitted with silicone hydrogel contact lenses

04.Ms Barsha Lal, Dr Ronnie George: Optic nerve head characteristics in normal & glaucoma in South Indian Population using planimetry

05. Mr Aditya Chaitanya, Dr Manish Panday: Reliability and repeatability of eye tracker perimetry

06. Ms Prerana S, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Efficacy of Vision Therapy in children with Learning disability

07. Mr Ashim Dey, Dr Rathini Lilian David: Influence of corneal biomechanical properties on the intraocular pressure as measured by different tonometers.

Ongoing Third Year Projects:

01. Ms Asma, Ms Karthiya, Ms Al Ashra, Ms Neethu, Ms Kowsalya, Ms Deepmala, Dr Krishnakumar: Construction of Near Vision chart in continuous text in Assamese and Bengali

02. Ms Nihama, Ms Rehana, Ms Santhiya, Ms Fathima, Ms Deepika, Ms Jameel Rizwana H, Mr Viswanathan S: Near induced transient Myopia after various near works such as Paper work, Computer work and Mobile phone use

03. Ms Vasanthi, Ms Rupa, Ms Jayasree K, Ms Priyadarshini, Ms Sujitha, Ms Indhushree, Ms Rashima A: Ocular disorders in quarry workers

04. Ms Melba, Ms Nomitha, Ms Jeba Cynthia, Ms Jayashree R, Ms Maria, Mr Dinesh V, Ms Anuradha N: Spectacle compliance in hospital based set up

05. Ms Dhanya, Ms Hepzibah, Ms Sahana, Ms Madhumitha, Ms Barsha lal, Ms Rashima A: Referral rate of family members for eye examination in subjects with ocular diseases such as glaucoma

Completed M Phil Projects:

01. Ms Mohana KP, Dr Mona P Bhende: Foveal Morphology in Normal Indian adults using SD-OCT

02. Ms Ashraf Banu, Dr Sudharshan, Dr J Biswas: Retinal Structural and Functional Assessment in patients with HIV/AIDS

03. Ms Deepom Sarah John, Dr Aditya Neog, Dr Ronnie George: Second order stimulus perimetry for early glaucoma detection

04. Ms Ananya Datta, Dr Ronnie George: Structural and Functional correlation in Glaucoma

05. Ms Deepmala Mazumdar, Dr Manish Panday: Validation and normative data collection of eye tracker perimeter

06. Ms Divya Jagadeesh, Dr Rajeswari M: Effect of changes in vault in PROSE device

07. Ms Asra Fatima, Dr Rajeswari: Comparison of Accommodation with Spectacle and Multifocal Contact Lenses in Presbyopes

Completed Third year works:

01. Ms Durgasri, Mr Jaikumar, Mr Midhun, Ms Geetanjali, Ms Deepom Sarah John: Computer based visual function testing

02. Mr Sumeer, Ms Daleena, Ms Pavithira, Mr Viswanathan S, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Pattern of Peripheral refraction in Myopes, Hyperopes and Emmetropes in Indian population

03. Ms Rinu, Ms Vaishali, Ms Krithika, Mr Viswanathan S, Mr Jameel Rizwana H: Peripheral refraction in myopes with Contact Lens and with spectacles

04. Ms Riya, Ms Priya, Mr Naveen, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Repeatability and reliability of computerized Hess Chart

05. Ms Jayashree, Ms Girija, Ms Varalakshmi, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Accommodative dynamics before and after Vision therapy (VT) in accommodative dysfunctions

06. Ms Banumathi, Ms Jayapriya, Ms Abinaya, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Efficacy of active Vision therapy in children with amblyopia

07. Ms Nandhini, Ms Vasanth, Ms Greeshma, Ms Rashima A: Pattern of progression (POP): a computerized machine classified algorithm to identify glaucoma progression in the visual fields

08. Ms Chitra, Ms Ashwini, Ms Roopashree, Ms Rashima A: Automation of gazetracker: graph error and its validation with different grades of Glaucoma

09. Mr Praveen, Mr Rajesh, Ms Jayalakshmi, Ms Deepom Sarah John, Dr Partho Prathim Datta Majumdar: Clincal profile of panuveitis

10. Ms Aishwarya, Ms Nihar, Ms Karthiga, Ms Mohana: Characterization of outer retina defect in Optical coherence tomography

11. Ms Murugeshwari, Ms Bijuna, Ms Leena, Ms Ramya: Structural and functional correlation in all retinal pathology using multifocal ERG, OCT and microperimetry

Elite School of Optometry