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Ongoing Projects at Srimathi Sundari Subramanian Department of Visual Psychophysics:

  • Dr R Krishna Kumar, Kalpa, Biman Das, Deepmala: Construction and validation of log MAR charts using Bengali, Assamese and Kannada letters
Ongoing PhD Works:
  • Viswanathan S, Dr Peter Allen, Dr Krishnakumar: Near Induced Transient myopia (NITM) in Emmetropes, Myopes and Pseudomyopes

  • Jameel Rizwana H, Dr R Krishnakumar: Prevalence of Binocular Vision anomalies among school children in rural and urban Tamilnadu

  • Rashima A, Dr Ronnie George: Effect of Ultraviolet radiation on eye

  • Anuradha N, Dr R Krishnakumar: Innovative approaches in improving spectacle compliance and referral compliance in school vision screening

  • Kalpa N, Dr RR Sudhir, Dr R Krishnakumar: Visual demands in school children

  • Dr. R Krishna Kumar, K Venkatramana: Characterization and Correction of foveal and parafoveal aberrations in human subjects with adaptive optics
Ongoing M Phil works:
  • Ann Mary Thomas, Rajeswari Mahadeven. Clinical outcomes of daily wear Rigid Gas Permeable contact lens

  • Archayeetha Rakshit, Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen. Efficacy of Videogame Training as a treatment for Adult and Juvenile Amblyopia

  • Najiya Sundus, Ronnie George: Evaluation of a novel screening protocol for glaucoma based on Eye Movement Perimetry

  • Pradipta Bhattacharya, Rajeswari Mahadeven. Quality of life and Handling issues with PROSE device

  • Srividya N, Jayamuruga Pandian: Genetic Perspective and Clinical Evaluation of Inherited Retinal Degenerations

  • Neeraj Kumar, Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen. Response AC/A ratio and CA/C ratio in convergence insufficiency pre and post vision therapy

  • Shenbagam N, Ronnie George. Iris Characteristics in Angle Closure Spectrum, an Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Study in Indian Population
Completed M Phil Projects:
  • Mr Dinesh V, Dr Krishnakumar, Ms Sailaja: Identifying barriers and developing strategies to reduce barriers in seeking low vision care services in atertiary eye care hospital

  • Ms Indhushree R, Dr Krishnakumar, Dr PP Santanam: Visual functions of workers exposed to organic solvents in petrochemical industry

  • Ms Sheeba S, Dr Rajeswari: Ocular responses in daily wear hydrogel users and Neophytes fitted with silicone hydrogel contact lenses

  • Ms Barsha Lal, Dr Ronnie George: Optic nerve head characteristics in normal & glaucoma in South Indian Population using planimetry

  • Mr Aditya Chaitanya, Dr Manish Panday: Reliability and repeatability of eye tracker perimetry

  • Ms Prerana S, Ms Jameel Rizwana H: Efficacy of Vision Therapy in children with Learning disability

  • Mr Ashim Dey, Dr Rathini Lilian David: Influence of corneal biomechanical properties on the intraocular pressure as measured by different tonometers.
Completed Third year works:
  • Ms Asma, Ms Karthiya, Ms Al Ashra, Ms Neethu, Ms Kowsalya, Ms Deepmala, Dr Krishnakumar: Construction of Near Vision chart in continuous text in Assamese and Bengali

  • Ms Nihama, Ms Rehana, Ms Santhiya, Ms Fathima, Ms Deepika, Ms Jameel Rizwana H, Mr Viswanathan S: Near induced transient Myopia after various near works such as Paper work, Computer work and Mobile phone use

  • Ms Vasanthi, Ms Rupa, Ms Jayasree K, Ms Priyadarshini, Ms Sujitha, Ms Indhushree, Ms Rashima A: Ocular disorders in quarry workers

  • Ms Melba, Ms Nomitha, Ms Jeba Cynthia, Ms Jayashree R, Ms Maria, Mr Dinesh V, Ms Anuradha N: Spectacle compliance in hospital based set up

  • Ms Dhanya, Ms Hepzibah, Ms Sahana, Ms Madhumitha, Ms Barsha lal, Ms Rashima A: Referral rate of family members for eye examination in subjects with ocular diseases such as glaucoma
Publications for the year 2013-14
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