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Sankara Nethralaya School Eye Examination Study - SN-SEES

Sankara Nethralaya School Eye Examination Study is a three phased comprehensive protocol that include screening and testing for vision impairment, refractive errors, Non Strabismic Binocular Vision Anomalies and Color Vision Deficiency. This program is unique because it includes not just screening but also follow up the children to see their compliance to spectacle wear and adherence to advice for hospital visit. The model ensures 23 step of intervention to improve compliance. Choice of trendy spectacle frames, measuring fitting parameters, distributing free spectacles in person within 2 weeks of screening, educating and motivating children and parents through awards for compliance are some of the key interventions. The program also involves parents in the screening, offers counseling, includes students as vision ambassadors and sends complete report to the parents, schools and government authorities.

Comprehensive Eye screening for adults

Comprehensive eye screening programme of ESO mainly focusses on screening the people living in rural areasand the clinical evaluation includes vision testing, refractive error assessments, anterior and posterior evaluation and intra ocular pressure measurements. Spectacles frames are selected for those with refractive errors and distributed with free of cost. Unique initiatives of this programme includes distribution of ready made spectacles for presbyopes and door step pick up of people to hospital for free surgery and managment who were referred due to conditions like cataract, retina, glaucoma and petrigyum

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Comprehensive Eye screening for adults

Clinical protocol of SN-SEES

Clinical Protocol of Adults Comprehensive Eye screening & photos

SNEHAM -Comprehensive eye camp