Research Areas

Our Research Groups

Community Eye Care

The team predominantly works on the data that is collected during the outreach activities of the institution. The works from the outreach activities could be categorized broadly into


Vision Science Research

The team predominantly works on epidemiology, aetiology and management of refractive errors, importance and role of optometrists in scientific dispensing of spectacles lenses and frames, effects of lighting on visual perceptions, colorimetric analysis of color vision charts and science of color perception.


Clinical Research

Sankara Nethralaya, a pioneer in the field of clinical research has a vast experience in various departments of ophthalmology. The areas of interest include development and validation of diagnostic tool for a particular ocular condition, application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the detection and management of ocular conditions, efficacy of treatment and so on.


Innovations in eye care

The team works on development and validation of ophthalmic instruments which could be used in clinical service delivery, clinical research, community activities, teaching and training. The team has developed and validated tools for basic, quick and cost effective vision screening materials like pocket vision screener and color vision screener. The team has also developed logMAR charts in different regional languages of India which has won several awards and accolades among the ophthalmology and optometry fraternities.



The team currently works on specific diseases among children, dry eyes and low vision. The team is also planning to work on quality of life post-management related to binocular vision, low vision and contact lenses.